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 Common Q&As

Based on Feedback Leading up to the Day of Submission


  • Q. When logging into Gifts-Online, I cannot locate the Grant Narrative. What do I do?

    • A. Make sure you are on the right tab, by clicking on the “Requirement” tab to the right of the “Application” tab (refer to the Gift-Online Navigational Video in Additional Resources). Once accessing the “Requirements” tab, if you cannot locate the Grant Narrative it is likely that you used a different Gifts-Online account when completing the application. Please keep in mind that the Grant Narrative will be found in the account used to submit your LOI and Grant Application. If you do not have access to the original account used, please contact for further instructions.


  • Q. I forgot my Gifts-Online password. What do I do?

    • If you have access to your account but have forgotten your password, please follow the “forgot my password” prompt on the Gifts-Online login page.

  • Q. When completing the Patient Services Report, can I provide estimates?

    • No, as we are collecting the Patient Services information from all awardees, and using this information to represent our sector, exact numbers are required for data integrity. If the exact number is not recorded, indicate so with an “unknown.” If the question is not applicable, indicate so with a “Not Applicable,” or an “N/A.”

  • Q. Will an FAFCC Staff member email me after I have submitted all reporting components?

    • A. No, awardees will not receive confirmation of submission from an FAFCC Staff Member as submissions for the Grant Narrative and Reallocation Request Form provide an auto-reply confirmation email with a digital copy. Additionally, the Patient Services Reporting Portal will show green checks on the home screen when sections are completed.

  • Q. Is the Grant Narrative Account (Gifts-online) and Patient Services Account the same log-in username and password?

    • A. No, they are two separate accounts. For the Gifts-Online portal you will use the same account info from the Grant Application process. For the Patient Services Reporting Portal you will be required to register before accessing the patient services questions. You will click on “Register” in the top right-hand corner and fill out the necessary information. Just a reminder, the email needs to match with the email of the Project Liaison we have on file. Once you complete the registration page, and email will be sent to you with a temporary password and then you can change your password by going to the “Welcome!” tab.

  • Q. Can I make edits to the Patient Services Reporting Portal after submission?

    • A. Yes, you have the ability to make a change to any answer provided prior to the submission deadline.

  • Q. What if I questions regarding the content of the reports?

    • A. We encourage all awardees to read the “READ-FIRST” in its entirety and the and the “Additional Resources” page. If neither source answers your question,  E-mail is the best form of communication for questions. If you do call and your call is not answered, please leave a voicemail with your name and question. 

  • Q. I received an error message while registering for the Patient Services Reporting Portal. Is there something I can do?

    • A. If you receive an error message, first make sure all information you are entering is correct. When entering the phone number, please make sure not to use dashes. If you attempt to register again but continue to receive an error message, please send a screenshot of the error message to and 

  • Q. What if I have a technical related issue?

    • A. For any technical difficulties regarding accessing the Grant Narrative, Patient Services, or Reallocation Request Form, please contact Program Officer Matt English at

 PDF Copies

 First Progress Report: Grant Narrative (PDF copy) ***Submissions will only be accepted through Gifts-Online***

  Patient Services Report (PDF copy) ***Submissions will only be accepted through the Patient Services Portal***

Reallocation Request Form (PDF copy) ***Submissions will only be accepted through the Google Form***

State Funds Grant Reporting Webinar Slides (PDF copy)


Video Resources on Successful Reporting 


This recorded webinar provides guidance on reporting best practices, reporting updates and a live demonstration of the Grant Narrative Report, the Patient Services Reporting Portal, and the Reallocation Request Form.



The above video provides guidance on navigating the reporting drop-down menu. 

The above video provides guidance on how to access and navigate the Grant Narrative Report through the Gifts-Online portal.


The above video provides guidance on how to access and navigate the Patient Services Reporting Portal. 

The above video provides guidance on how to successfully complete a reallocation request submission.

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