Membership Information

Full Clinic Member

A full clinic member is entitled to one vote on any matters brought forth to the membership, will be eligible to apply for grants managed by the association, and will transition to a tiered dues structure based on annual operating budget.

Membership Dues Rates: 

Operating Budget Dues Amount
Less than $99,999 $100
$100,000 - $199,999 $150
$200,000 - $499,999 $350
$500,000 - $699,999 $500
Greater than $700,000 $750

PLEASE NOTE: Full Membership is not available when clinics first join FAFCC. Associate Clinics are eventually able to achieve Full Membership. Learn more about transitioning to a Full Voting Member here.

Associate Clinic Member

Associate Clinic Members are 501c3 organizations that meet the definition of a free and charitable clinic and is interested in the services and support provided by FAFCC. Associate Clinic Members are those that may not be able to meet all Membership Standards and are working towards full membership or simply enjoy being part of an association that supports the clinic, provides technical assistance and advocates on behalf of the clinic and its patients. Associate Clinic Members enjoy most of the same benefits offered to Full Clinic Members, excluding receiving funding. 

A free or charitable clinic is a 501c3 designated organization that provides healthcare services to uninsured or underinsured patients for little to no cost, regardless of the ability to pay. A free or charitable clinic cannot have any of the following designations: Rural Health Center (RHC), Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), or an FQHC look-a-like. 

Associate Clinic Membership is $550. Should an Associate Clinic Member become a Full Clinic Member, dues will then be calculated using a tiered system based on operating budget. 

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Affiliate Member

The FAFCC welcomes all individuals or organizations that support the Free and Charitable Clinic sector, such as health care partners or consultants. Affiliates are entitled to all benefits of membership except they are not eligible to apply for grants that are administered by the association. 

Affiliate Membership is $350 annually.

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Student Member

Student memberships are available to Individuals enrolled in a degree program. Qualifying students should be taking at least 6 credit hours (undergraduate degree) or 3 credit hours (graduate degree) per semester or comparable credits in a quarter system. Student membership is available for up to six years per degree. Students must provide proof of status to qualify for membership. Please send all documents to

Student membership is $99 annually.

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