Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Special Projects,

This year, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee has worked tirelessly to help create the first step to help ensure health equity in the free and charitable sector. Composed of a group from clinics across the state, the committee has been instrumental in guiding FAFCC on a number of aspects such as recommending particular survey questions to what to provide member clinics in order to make the first survey successful.

Linked below is a survey we encourage FAFCC members to take. Individuals taking the survey will remain completely anonymous, as there are no identifying markers and the same survey will be distributed across the state. Lastly, FAFCC will use this data solely for the reason of promoting health equity in the sector.

The survey should take roughly 5 minutes. Please follow this link to complete the survey: https://forms.gle/RrHuBLoazsCzDABA9