Program Committees

“The conference planning committee is an amazing group that clinics different clinics throughout the State of Florida. This group plans and implements meaningful conference content that helps other clinics by improving morale, sharing best practices, and creating inspiration for others. Being apart of this committee has given me the ability to meet other members, share ideas, and be apart of a positive change for free and charitable clinics across the state. I enjoy the monthly meetings leading up to our annual conference where we come together and learn, grow, and become more motivated to continue our missions”

- Theresa White, Executive Director, Community Dental Clinic


FAFCC operates with the help of the four Program Committees listed below. Members and Associate Members alike are encouraged to volunteer to serve on the Committees. Committee meetings generally take place once a month via conference call lasting 60-75 minutes. Committee terms are for one year (October – September), and members may serve for multiple terms if they wish. If you would like to sign up for a Committee, please email RE: Committee Interest to express your interest.


Capacity Building


Government Relations

Public Policy Committee

  • Assist in the formation and implementation of the FAFCC’s annual Policy Agenda

  • Monitor legislation and regulations (e.g. DOH Volunteer Health Care Provider Program) that impact the sector

  • Support and participate in the annual Free and Charitable Clinics Day at the Capitol

  • Review and provide feedback and advice on late-breaking policy developments
Knowledge Exchange

Quality and Data Committee

  • Advise FAFCC in establishing a strategic agenda relating to statewide data collection and quality improvement

  • Define uniform service data to be tracked and reported to FAFCC by member organizations

  • Assist in the development, analysis, and reporting on FAFCC’s annual statistical survey of member organizations, as well as periodic surveys on other topics of interest

  • Develop voluntary organizational and operational standards for use by member organizations

Conference Planning Committee

  • Develop the overall theme and goals for FAFCC’s Annual Conference

  • Assist in identifying keynote speakers, workshop topics and presenters

  • Solicit sponsors and exhibitors to participate in the conference

  • Develop ideas of gifts for speakers and attendees, and assist in procurement

  • Provide logistical support for the efficient operation of the conference

  • Review conference evaluations and identify strengths, weaknesses, and ideas for next year’s conference